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Welcome to your visit to TGMT's website.
We at TGMT, are highly specialized in the areas of massive machining works, manufacturing ship components such as customized Invar plates for LNG ships, parts of construction equipments, eco-friendly innovative HVAC systems and shot painting and heat treatment.
TGMT has its 100%ownedn two subsidiaries- TAEGWANG HEAVY INDUSTRY Co., Ltd,. (=TGHI)
TGHI is specialized in engineering and manufacturing industrial machinery such as press, lifting cranes such as Goliath Gantry Cranes, transportation equipments for steel industry and harbor logistics as well as infrastructure plants.
TGNT has its main areas for wide and precision steel plate cutting and processing via waterjet, plasma laser cuttings.
In a nutshell, we serve everything that relates to steel structure.
Since our establishment, we set our motto as '3C'-Change, Challenge, Creation. The 3C testifies our determination to serve our customers in full strength.

Equipped with ASME's U, U2, PP, S stamps we assure you that our products are
reliable with performance and competitive prices along with continued innovation all that is our very reason of business.

On behalf of our staff and employees, I thank you very much for your patronage and once again assure you that we never forget our core value-"Customer comes first!".
Thank you.