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This innovative patent air conditioning and refrigerating system is designed by Thermalfrost Int'l Inc.(Canada)(www.thermalfrost.ca) and HDMT both.

The system harvests waste heat from waterjacket's coolant and the recovered waste heat converts to extreme low temperature upto -30'C. The unique system(first in the world!) solved efficiency down grade of traditional absorption cooling system that occurs when ships in the sea roll and pitch.

The system is now being on the field test on the Guardian(Clearwater Inc., Canad) ship and Celeiro, Spain. The commercialization is scheduled late this year.

Model TF-AC30
Capacity 30kW Operation Pressure 10 bar
Temp. of Chilled Water In/Out let -1℃/-5℃ Flow Rate of Chilled Water 107.5 ℓ/min
Cooling Water Operating Pressure 8 bar Temp. of Cooing water in/outlet 15℃/24℃
Flowrate of Cooling Water 125 ℓ/min Cooling Water Operating Pressure 8 bar
Temp. of Hot water In/Out let 88℃/82℃ Flow Rate of Hot water 125 ℓ/min
Hot Water Operating Pressure 8 bar Refrigerant/Absorbent NH3/NaSCN
Current 3Ph 380V 60Hz Capacity 1.9kW

In Dec., 2011, Korean Government designated HDMT's R&D Center as the key institute in developing HVAC System on marine application, cruise ship in particular. R&D Center was granted about total 300,000USD in 2012~2014.
HDMT's technology is based on fuel-free, emission-free cooling system which is in high demand today. HDMT's state of the art technology is scheduled for mass commercial production starting late 2012.

This All-In-One Heat Pump uses air as its heat source. It is designed to perform cooling range 7~10'C and heating 55~70'C. Different from other common models in the market, this single set of heat pump produces hot water in cooling and heating both.
By inventing unique 5levels of elaborate defrosting control system, it greatly reduced key problem of frosting in Heat pump.

Model HAH-120CH2
Heating Capacity 25,800kcal/h Cooling Capacity 30,960kcal/h
Hot water Capacity 15,000kcal/h Refrigerant R-410A
Current 3Ph 380V 60Hz Power Capacity 12kwh